Transform your living room to a self-care sanctuary

Transform your living room to a self-care sanctuary

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The bedroom is where most people spend time decorating. Primarily because, the bedroom is the only place around the house where we experience peace, thus making it the perfect space to turn into a self-care sanctuary. 

But if you are someone who finds trouble sleeping, there are cases where decorating the bedroom triggers distraction which eventually lead to lack of sleep or worse, more stress. So, if you are hesitant to redecorate the bedroom, you can try to revamp other parts of the house. 

How would you know if it’s time to redecorate for self-care?

Home doesn’t feel like home anymore

Was there a time when you entered your house and it doesn’t feel like home anymore? Family issues like sickness, death, children leaving for college, trouble at work or little arguments affect the way we feel at home. Our homes are the only place that we should feel we are the safest, but sometimes, it doesn’t.  

Everything looks “dirty”

House cleaning is very important. But sometimes, the usual cleaning routine is not enough. You find stains on the wall that you can’t remove, Your bathroom tiles look like a thousand years old due to water stains and stain build-up. Your corner tables are filled with scratches and bumps from moving around too much. 

Something smells funky (and hurting your self-care routine)

I love my dog. But what I don’t love, are dog smell on my couch, furs everywhere, and of course, dog poop. “You just have to train your dog,” that’s what my friends tell me. But, it’s easier said than done. Spoiling him is so much easier.  

My dog Beebee

Aside from the kitchen, one of my favorite parts of the house is the living room. Here, I spend most of my time working, entertaining guests, and playing with my dog. But I find that this room, as much as I love it, seems neglected, until recently.

As a self-care advocate, I made a brave step to revamp my living room. Brave because I’ve always been afraid of change. But I figured, If I do this, then the rest is easy. Here are the things I made to transform my living room into a self-care sanctuary, which you can do too.

Step back

Before doing anything, look around and find things you want to upcycle and the ones you want to throw away. You don’t have to go back to square one. Decide on what you want to keep, and move from there. 

Repaint the walls

Choose a color with a happy vibe. Shades of blue, green, and purple, will make your living room appear bigger. Meanwhile, colors like yellow, and orange add vibrancy and brightness to the room. If you’re having trouble deciding, start with a blank canvas. Paint everything in white. Doing so will clear your mind and allow your creative juices flowing. 

Change the lighting

If you think repainting the entire room is too much, try changing the lighting. You can go all-out by installing a new chandelier. If you’re on a tight budget, changing light colors from white to yellow, or vice versa can be a simple but dramatic change. Pro-tip. The white and yellow light combo is perfect for taking “Instagramable” photos. 

Pro-tip: Storie your goodies in an airtight container to maintain freshness and avoid ants.

Buy scented candles

Nothing beats a living room that smells amazeballs. There are online stores like Fragrant Home Candles and Saan Saan Ph that offer the best home fragrances in town.

Do a sofa makeover

Now before you say no, consider this. Sure, buying a new sofa is easy peasy. But extreme sofa makeovers don’t have to be too complicated. You’ll be surprised at how a simple gesture of changing the covers can change your life. 

Throw away stuff that makes you feel miserable

Now, this is tricky. Our living rooms are filled with memories, the good and the bad. But if you are starting a self-care journey, it is important to let go of things that no longer bring joy to your life. This is the golden rule in Mari Kondo’s Konmari method of decluttering. Keep the ones that put a smile on your face. Let go of those that bring you pain.

Choose decorative but practical pieces

Sure, a nice carpet will add drama to your living room. But if you have dogs roaming around the house, that’s not a good idea. Same thing if you have children. Breakable living room decors are a big no-no. 

Make room for your “secret stash”

I’m not referring to anything illegal. But you are creating a self-care sanctuary in your living room. So, you need a place for tasty treats or anything that will help you relax and pamper yourself. Do you have a sweet tooth? Fill a basket with baked goodies, candies, and chocolate. How about a foot massage kit? Or, have your nighttime skincare items sitting on a corner desk so you can a quick pampering session while watching Netflix

Add music

Spotify has a variety of playlists to choose from. This one called Deep Focus help me relax on busy nights and help me stay focused. If podcasts are your thing, you can try Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, Two Dikes and a Mic by McKenzie Goodwin and Scanlon, Sleep with Me, and Getting Curious by Jonathan Van Ness. 

Consider planning a cleaning schedule

That’s right. Redecorating your living room for your self-care journey doesn’t end with just “decorating”. Remember, you are doing this to improve your well-being. Cleaning can be a daunting task. It may not coincide with your busy work schedule. So, identify a cleaning routine that will work for you. 

A change of scenery in the living room doesn’t have to be tedious. And I’m not saying everything must be done in a day. Take your time. Trust your process. You should feel that redecorating must be part of your self-care routine, not just the result. You will be surprised by how you enjoyed it, and who knows, you might start planning to redecorate the kitchen next. 


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