Reasons Why You Can’t Travel and What To Do About It

Reasons Why You Can’t Travel and What To Do About It

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People love the idea of traveling, and indeed, it is a great way to improve yourself as a person. You can immerse yourself in different cultures. You can learn their history, explore, and discover different things you don’t even know exist – some within you. These ideas can get stuck in your head. Then next thing you know, you’re ninety years old, and you haven’t even started yet.

Traveling is not for everybody. If you are the type of person who prefers to be home – so be it. There’s nothing wrong about that. But when you have always dreamed about traveling yet you have not even started, perhaps you need to address the real reason/s why. In this blog post, have listed the most common reasons why you are not able to travel and what you can do about it. 

Excuse no. 1: It is expensive.

When people think about travel, there is a notion that it is expensive and you need to save a lot to do so. Some would work hard only to spend all their money on expensive resorts. In reality, there are plenty of good travel deals you can get out of with a little research. And depending on your preferred style of traveling and budget, there are a lot of choices for you nowadays from Airbnb to hostels. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort if you are on a budget.

Flights can be super cheap whether you purchase them far in advance or a few days beforehand. To give you an idea, a roundtrip flight from Manila to Hong Kong can cost from PHP 8,000+, and that is not even a promotional fare. If you are staying in a shared bedroom in a Manila hostel, prices can play around PHP 1,500.  

For food, you can try street food or go to a local supermarket to get your groceries, then treat yourself at least once in one good restaurant. Get acquainted with directions and make use of local transportation. Otherwise walking is an excellent way to exercise, so it is also a good idea to go on foot.

Excuse no. 2: I don’t have anyone who can go with me.

If you keep on waiting for your friends, family members or special someone to become available to go with you, it is never going to happen. Never rely on other people because they may not have the same priority as yours. Plan the traveling around your preference, and it can be up to them if they want to join you or not. Inspire them instead, by telling them about the destination. And, if you are successful and lucky, they can inform you of their interest to join.

My parents are only interested in going to Cebu when they travel so even if I tried opening up the idea of going to a place they have not been, they would shrug it off which I understand entirely. They feel more relaxed in Cebu because that is my mom’s hometown. Forcing them to go with my travel plans will only make us all feel like traveling is a chore. As much as I want to bring them to other places, I am not going to push them out of their comfort zone.

My brother goes to school, so that means if I want him to come, I can only plan around his summer vacation. My sister, however, has a different travel style (e.g., going to music festivals and staying in a tent) which I am uncomfortable to do. The same thing with her, she is not really into cultural and historical elements, so she don’t prefer to join my trips either.

It is essential to have a relationship with traveling, and you have to understand that not every one of your friends and family members can jive into things that you like. You can’t wait for people to be motivated in joining you so by all means, proceed.

Excuse no. 3: I am so busy with work.

Probably the lamest excuse but hey, life happens, and people got to prioritize work too. But studies show that taking a break can make you more productive and efficient in solving problems at work. Taking a rest can help you redirect and better your perspective in doing your work smartly. There are even more benefits when you go on traveling away from your work. It guarantees that once you’re back in your desk feeling refreshed, you began to approach things the best possible way.

Time management helps and if you really can’t, then discuss with your boss who else can handle your work. You are not superman, and even if you work your ass off, it does not guarantee a promotion.

If you really can’t get away from work, then find a destination with a good internet connection. You can still continue to check emails and work while having a break. No, I don’t mean combining both. Say, schedule work a couple of hours in the morning before you proceed with your exploration. Just ensure to set your away message explaining that there may be some delays in responding to messages.

And if your work does not allow you to go on a break, maybe you have to question yourself whether this company does you good.

Traveling is easier said than done, but no one else but you can do it for yourself. Of course, you have to be careful and vigilant because people can take always take advantage. Always do your research (basically use your head) to avoid any unwanted situation. Remember that you are stretching your possibilities; pushing yourself to the edge, so go for it!

Find the courage to acknowledge the reasons and address the hindrances you have created. It does not matter how old you are (I’m talking to you eighteen years old and above), and what your status in life is, if you love it, you owe it to yourself to try at least once.

This may sound cliche, but if you are ninety and in your death bed, you will thank yourself because you have done your best to be happy. You have chosen happiness and not let fear hold you back.

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