I lost my job. Now, what?

I lost my job. Now, what?

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Are you in the verge of a career meltdown? Admit it, one of the most painful experiences in life is losing a job. Unemployment may cause anger, depression, and lack of self-esteem. There are many ways to stay in control of a bad situation. So what do you do? Prioritize self-care. Get yourself ready for new beginnings.

How does unemployment lead to stress

  • Loss of a stable income
  • Lack of professional identity
  • Loss your sense of purpose
  • Lost connection with friends at work

How do you get back on your feet

Prioritize self-care

Don’t let the situation consume you. Prepare for a weekend travel getaway. Spend time on relaxation. See a movie. Check out the milk tea shop that opened recently. Hit the gym. Go on a social media detox. Do what helps you feel better, emotionally and physically. When the time comes to start looking for a new job, you’re ready.  My free 5-step self-care routine after a career meltdown worksheet will help you get started.

Give yourself time to grieve

On a piece of paper, write everything that comes to your mind. Jot down the things you should’ve told your boss or a colleague. If you’re a mother turn this into a valuable life lesson that you can teach your children, how you recovered, and what helped you make it through.

Stay focused

Dreams can come true. There are many reasons why you failed the first time. But that doesn’t mean you better stop trying. Invest in knowledge. Learn new skills. Surround yourself with positive people. Soon, you’ll realize that everything will pay off, and you will find yourself ready for new beginnings.

There are many ways to stay in control of a bad situation. Prioritize self-care. Get yourself ready for new beginnings.

Reach out to friends and family

A support group is something you might want to consider. You see, there are times when you feel that you have to go through this alone. And that’s perfectly fine. But, during this difficult time, it pays to be surrounded by people that you are comfortable with. Talking about your situation can be scary, and embarrassing. But, they worry about you, too. Give them a chance to lend a hand. Besides, you don’t want pity, you people who will uplift your spirit.


Stop beating yourself up. This is not the time to point fingers. First, acknowledge the fact that things can go haywire. And, it’s not your fault. If you dwell on how the situation didn’t go as planned, or why everything that happened to you seemed unfair, accept it. The sooner the better. This will allow you to move forward to the next phase of your career.

There’s a rainbow after the rain

The easiest way to recover from a career meltdown is to reflect on what you’ve gained from this bad situation. Is it really the type of career you should pursue? What kind of life do you want to have next? Did it make you stronger?

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