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How to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit?

If this is your first time here and you came across this blog post on how to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit, I’m sending my prayers for you. But please, don’t take this the wrong way. What you’re feeling right now is exactly why I created this blog. Like you, I’ve been in this situation, too. Trust me, it became ugly AF.

So today, let’s have a heart to heart talk about your career goals. especially when you hate your job but can’t quit because you need the money.

Before we jump right in, answer this first

“Why do you hate your job anyway?”

Give yourself a moment to come up with an answer. This is very crucial because we need to identify the problem to come up with solutions on how to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit.

10 Common signs when you hate your job but can’t quit because you need the money

Here are 10 of the most common signs you hate your job

1. You haven’t gotten a raise, as in ever

2. You’re gaining (or losing) weight

3. You STILL work in your dreams (and not in a good way)

4. You fantasize about burning your office down 

5. You drag yourself out of bed just to get to work

6. Payday doesn’t excite you anymore

7. You keep losing focus

8. “I resign” becomes your everyday mantra

9. You despise your boss

10. You forget about the hobbies you used to love

Which one of these signs are you experiencing now? What did you do to address it?

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Clever ways on how to survive a job you hate but can’t quit

1. Identify your pain points and what’s causing them

There are many factors that trigger your hate or lack of interest in your job. Whether it’s internal or external, you need to identify your pain points and what’s causing them.

For example:

You miss your deadline, again. You have a report that’s due in 2 hours and you’re stuck on page one. 

Inhale. Exhale.

Know what’s causing your problems. This way, you’be able to find a solution.

Before you said yes, were you given ample time to finish this report? If yes, always make it a point to utilize task management apps like Trello, ClickUp, or so you can monitor your progress and make sure you don’t miss out on any deadlines.

Are you lacking resources that stop you from finishing this task? Then, it won’t hurt if you ask for help from a colleague. Don’t forget to return the favor. A nice cup of coffee will do, or lend a hand at times when you’re needed.

Do you have other deadlines to meet that caused you to lose your focus on this one?

Then, say no. But not the kind that will cost you your job. Besides, we’re trying to help you how to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit.

Recommend solutions like:

“I can’t finish it today. But I can take care of it if you will give me until Monday.”


“Sure, I can do this, but you have to give me an extension to the other project I’m working on, or whichever is more important” 

2. Stop working overtime

Get out of the office STAT.

Even machines need time to rest. 

When you hate your job but can’t quit because you need the money, you have to get away from your office as soon as you can.

Clock out and get some fresh air.

Spend some quiet time in a park bench nearby. Read a book or enjoy the sunset.

Or have yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea.

Whatever it is that calms your senses, do it. After a long day’s work, you deserve to come home and pamper yourself with some me-time.

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3. Have a side-hustle (in secret)

Do you enjoy graphics and design but your boss doesn’t know (and don’t care)? How about you turn it into a side hustle? 

A lot of online businesses hire graphic artists to design their logo, create content for social media, or even some video editing for YouTube. 

Having a side hustle will teach you a lot about how to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit.

The side hustle will keep your mind off things. If you’re already losing interest in your full-time job, it’s nice to divert your attention to something enjoyable without going broke.  

4. Talk about it with a friend (not a colleague)

Walls have ears.

Trust me, you don’t want to be the talk of the town. 

Keep your frustrations to yourself.

But, it’s always nice to share with a friend about your struggles at work. A friend outside of work will provide you with an unbiased opinion of what you’re going through. Moreover, your friend is your “shoulder to cry on” and will never judge you.

Talk to someone who makes you feel safe.

5. Let it go

When you hate your job but can’t quit because you need the money, you just have to let it go. 

Forget about the horrible things that happened the day before. 

Start with a clean slate. 

Clear your head, and embrace the idea that something great will happen today. 

Sometimes, all you need is a positive mindset to get you moving.

Don’t beat yourself up with all the negativity. 

Smile. It helps.  

Also, you can check out my blog post about healthy morning habits. Perhaps this is all you need to get rid of all the negative energy that’s bothering you at work.


How to deal with a job you hate but can’t quit is among the most common issues in the workplace.

When you hate your job but can’t quit because you need the money, it’s about time you dive deep into your long term and short term career goals. 

Is this job worth keeping (because it pays your bills), even when it’s driving you crazy?

Are you saving up so you can quit and start a business?

Whatever your reasons may be, always remember your “Why?”

Why do you want to keep this job?

Why do you want to stay?

In the end, your reasons will allow you to survive a toxic work environment.

Learn what you can.

Invest in yourself.

So that when it’s time to go, you’re ready.

You will attract better career opportunities, manifest your dream life, and not end up with another shitty job, and the cycle goes on.

Take care and good luck.

How to deal with a job you hate but can't quit Self-love after ruins
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