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Healthy morning habits that changed my life in an instant

Ah, morning habits. We hear this all the time. If you are like me who’s an avid fan of YouTube channels about personal development, I’m sure you also Google healthy morning habits of billionaires like Elon Musk, ahem.

According to a study published by the European Journal of Social Psychology in 2009, it takes 18 to 254 days to form a new habit. 

Moreover, a person adapts to new behavior in 66 days which becomes automatic.

Adapting to a morning habit can be hard and tricky for some of us, including myself. 

Today, I will share simple and practical solutions to turn your boring mornings into healthy morning habits. 

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Healthy morning habits that changed my life instantly

1. I stopped hitting the snooze button

Wake up, get up. 

Do you hit the snooze button every 5 minutes after your alarm goes off?

Me, too.

But as soon as I realized that it’s not really doing any good for me, I tried to find a way to get rid of this habit. 

In January, I make it a point to get up at the first alarm.

No ifs and buts. 

The first 3 days were the hardest. 

On day 4, I don’t feel so bad anymore. In fact, this was the turning point for me. 

Waking up without abusing the snooze button indeed feels empowering. 

Well, it really does feel good to achieve wins, no matter how big or small. 

In fact, I am surprised that I am actually looking forward to waking up in the morning.

Eight months later, I am super thrilled to let you know that I am now waking up at 6 AM, NO ALARMS.


For some, this is a no brainer.

For me, this smells triumph. 

I realized, if I can do this, I can do anything.

2. I recite morning affirmations (if not, a prayer)

What are affirmations?

These are positive statements you tell yourself, usually in the morning, to help you get through the day. Affirmations set your mood throughout the day, week, or month. If you are a huge fan of the law of attraction, affirmations are key to manifesting your life goals.

I’m not really a fan of this, not until I was hired by a manifestation coach to write an email sequence for her. She is launching an online course about designing your life. To be honest, it didn’t really sink in. 

But after this writing gig, I decided to go on YouTube (yes, YouTube again) and look for videos about the law of attraction

This is how I discovered Aileen Xu of Lavendaire. 

I know, there is no scientific basis for this. 

But if you dive into it more deeply, acquiring healthy morning habits also starts with a healthy mindset. If your mind is clouded with so much negativity, it will be difficult for you to achieve morning habits that will change your life in an instant.

As soon as I get up in the morning, I give power hugs to my dogs and say,

“Good morning, boys. It’s a beautiful day!.”

I can tell, they’re up for it. 

In a study, dogs can recognize our emotions based on our vocalizations. Therefore, our pets know if we’re angry, sad, or happy, which in turn, is the basis of how they will react. 

For me, my morning affirmations are not only for myself but for my dogs, too. If I’m happy, they’re happy. Period. 

If you need help to keep you “in the zone”, you can download this free audio from Lavendaire.

Or get the Abundant Life Soundtrack from The Hooga Shop. 

3. I eat a healthy-ish breakfast

Now, this can be tricky. When you Google healthy breakfast recipes, you will be bombarded with a massive amount of information, which in turn will leave overwhelmed so you’ll end up gobbling a box of Fruit Loops.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Fruit Loops. Remember, we’re talking about healthy morning habits here. Devouring a box of cereals in one sitting ain’t healthy at all. 

While others settle for a nice cup of coffee, we need to break the fast with energy-giving foods.

Make-ahead smoothie bowls are perfect like this recipe from Bigger Bolder Baking by Gemma

You can also find easy breakfast egg recipes that you can prepare in less than 10 minutes.

Love and Lemons also have a list of healthy breakfast ideas you can prepare – no chef skills required. 

For me to have healthy morning habits, I need breakfasts that are

  • Easy to make
  • Easy to create
  • Not messy

Having a mountain of dishes in my sink after cooking is not a good sight. Plus, it disrupts my mood when I think about the amount of time I need to clean the mess I made. 

As much as possible, go for breakfasts that are healthy, but not complicated to make. 

4. Self-care

Do you work from home? What’s the most important self-care routine you neglect in the morning?

Me, washing my face.

I know, gross. 

Sometimes, I think I’ll skip washing my face since I’m going to shower later on.

But I realized that as simple as washing your face in the morning is an effective boost to start healthy morning habits. 

Plus. if you did a pamper routine in the evening, you should definitely wash everything off when you wake up. 

Or else, pimples. Yikes. 

Right now, I make it a point to wash my face and put on water or gel-based moisturizer, and I’m all set.

5. Create a list of goals you want to accomplish within the day

If I don’t write my goals for the day, it goes straight to oblivion.

Or worse, backlogs. Argh. 

If you don’t write down your goals and still wing it, kudos to you.

But I just can’t. I need to write them down so I can keep track of what I’m doing, and make sure I don’t miss anything. 

Healthy morning habits that changed my life in an instant Self-love after ruins


Aaand there you have it, my list of healthy morning habits that changed my life in an instant. 

I bet some of you are looking for something heart-stopping. But for me, small wins like these are stepping stones for bigger wins.

Morning habits have taught me to appreciate life even more, no matter how difficult things can be. 

Moreover, healthy morning habits allow me to accomplish more. Sure, I still stay up late every now and then, but I still wake up at 6 AM with no alarms. Wooo.

To wrap up, developing healthy morning habits boils down to your “Why”.

“Why do you want to change?”

“Why do you need healthy morning habits?”

“Why now?”

 Without a purpose, the road to developing a new habit doesn’t make sense. 

Figure out why you want to do it. 

That’s it for today. Take care and good luck. 

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